Saturday, January 08, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

Powell avoids calling the situation in Darfur genocide. Instead, he referred to it as a "difficult, terrible conflict."

Last night I went to go see Hotel Rwanda with several friends including Kyle. Afterwards Kyle and I (still in shock from the movie) were commenting on how it made us hate the international community for not intervening. One of the many powerful scenes in the movie is when the terrified Tutsis seeking shelter in the hotel listen to the radio as western commentators discuss the semantics of whether or not to call it "acts of genocide" or just simply "genocide." The semantic argument of course seems patently absurd considering innocent civilians are being brutally massacred by machetes throughout the country. Powell avoiding the issue is eerily too much like this semantic argument.

[begin sarcasm] At least we've learned our lesson. America won't sit by while anorther Rwanda occurs. [/sarcasm]

Also, for all of our readers, I highly recommend the movie. Go see it. (And, to Powell's credit, he did previously call it genocide-- However, as Marisa Katz has so intelligently put it, "saying the word will be just as cowardly as not saying anything at all."


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