Saturday, December 18, 2004

Connoisseurs of the Possible

In the fourteenth century, Europe began to emerge from its long twilight of feudal ignorance and oppression. This liberation was brought about largely from the efforts of a handful of extraordinary freethinkers. Now the year is 2004, and the advent of new forms of mass communication has paved the way for the intellectual orthodoxies of the day to again be shattered by those unencumbered with the follies of the past. Not to be hubristic or anything.

On a more serious note: this blog was set up as a forum for us to post our thoughts on current events and to receive feedback from the wider world. The four of us share a common background in science and technology - we originally met at a math/science secondary school - giving us a perspective on the news which we hope will you'll find a little out of the ordinary.

Bismarck once called politics "the art of the possible." We aren't often going to find ourselves endorsing the views of nineteenth century Prussian nationalists, but its easier to sit in your pajamas typing on a laptop at 2 AM if you can consider yourself an art critic at the same time.


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